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On location near Banff, Alberta.  
                    On a photographic assignement near Banff, Alberta, Canada.

I studied Photography at the Glasgow College of Building & Printing for two years leaving with an I.I.P.Diploma in Professional Photography. For the next 7 years I worked as a Photographer for Glasgow Education Department. I then was the in-house Photographer for the National Physical Laboratory in London & the National Engineering Laboratory in Scotland.

In 1993 I decided to work for myself & traded as Alba Photographics providing Industrial, Commercial.& Architectural Photographic services. (Corporate clients have included Amoco, BP, Ford, London Water Authority, National Oilwell, Scottish Homes, to name but a few). About the same time I began to take an interest in Panoramic Photography, especially landscapes. I now find that much of my work is taken up by Panoramic Landscapes of Scotland.

Using a variety of Panoramic Cameras I am endeavouring to capture the many magnificent views that Scotlands landscapes provide...  its many moods, sometimes turbulent, sometimes calm, its mountains, its lochs, its valleys, its castles. Always beautiful!

Panoramic cameras capture the world as our own eyes see it --- notice how televisions are moving towards the wide-screen format? In the case of my Alpa-Roto camera only by moving your head from side to side could you simulate its view of a landscape. The majority of my pictures are taken on a Fuji 6x17. A camera favoured by the worlds top panoramic photographers.

Special Commissions

I undertake special commercial commission work for small businesses and large corporations.  For example I have undertaken to handle special work for Falkirk Today's customers who require photographs for their web adverts: £145.00. This includes Travel to Factory/office/outlet and production of six glossy 8x8 inch Professional Photographs to give high quality reproduction or scanning for the Web. Should you be interested in commissioning me to do work for your organisation then contact me. detailing what work you are considering carrying out and I'll get in touch with you to discuss.

Get your own photograph taken
I go all over Scotland doing commissions.   If you are interested in getting me to take a photograph for you I'd be happy to do so.
The price will depend on how long you are prepared to wait.   If you want it quickly then it's certainly more expensive but if you can wait until I am in the area then you get a much lower cost. Simply email me at a nd tell me what photograph you'd like taken and I'll be in touch by email to discuss the options and pricing with you.

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